About Us


Michael’s interest in and love for agricultural events and the food connected with them started
during the times he lived on his Great Grandparents farm in SE Missouri. It was added to by
experiencing the food in the French Quarter of New Orleans as child. The Iowa State Fair was
the opportunity to expand this interest during the 15 plus visits. His interests were peaked and
challenged by attending the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris in 2005. Peaked because it is the
largest agriculture and culinary fair in the world. Challenged because he didn’t speak enough
French to be able to communicate with the farmers, producers and vendors in the booths. Farm
To Table Tours is the outcome of that experience. He wants to share with people who speak
conversational English but not conversational French the food and agriculture of France.

Sonya Warner, Co-Founder –
Sonya’s love for fresh, crafted food started at a young age. She spent her childhood on a small, sustainable ranch in Southern California, where she and her family raised cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens, harvested bushels of garden crops, and developed a thriving commercial apple orchard. Farm To Table is a dream come true for her, combining her love of travel and that connection to authentic, farm-crafted food. Enjoy the best spread tables in the world!

Our Philosophy

Farm to Table believes travel should enrich the soul, mind and body, and have a long lasting impact on your life.

Our Story

We partner with local experts who have unlocked time-honored craft and food culture and share these secrets with you by providing a behind the curtain experience of the best local producers, cuisine, and rural craft.

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